Why do you need Vulnerability Scanning?

Today, robust cyber security calls for managed vulnerability scanning, which is automated scanning of web applications and network IT infrastructure to deliver accurate reporting on exploitable weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Hackers actively seek out these vulnerabilities to gain access to IT assets. Once these vulnerabilities have been identified, patching can be implemented to remediate the security weaknesses.

CheckScan+ Managed Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting

CheckScan+ utilises industry leading attack surface scanning technology and combines that with the expertise from our experienced pen testers and security analysts. CheckScan+ provides your team with timely vulnerability assessment reports and remediation advice meaning a reduction in time and resources.

Identify OWASP Top10 & Zero Day Vulnerabilities

CheckScan+ has an automated vulnerability scanning tool built into the platform to detect CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), OWASP Top10 and zero-day vulnerabilities to give you accurate and timely security reporting of IT Assets (Web applications, networks, APIs, websites) over 30-day, 90-day or custom intervals.

CheckScan+ Benefits

Full management of the scanning process including scheduling, configuration and reporting

Full access to unlimited vulnerability scans & predefined scan templates

Removal of false positives by our security analyst team

Basic GoScript writing support if required

Full technical support from our team of qualified & experienced Security Analysts

Regular and in-depth reports that include a detailed explanations of results

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Give your customers the best vulnerability scanning service backed by CheckScan+ technology and expert insights

Managed Vulnerability Scanning Platform

What we do

CheckScan+ is fully supported throughout the scanning process, from scoping and configuring your scans, to helping you understand and analyse your results.

The service gives you access to technical support that is provided by our experienced Security Analysts. We explain the results in greater depth, remove false positives, and provide remediation advice, once initial testing is complete.

What we can scan for our customers (use cases):

  • Application Vulnerability Scanning
  • External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Automated Penetration Testing
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanner
  • Cloud Vulnerability Scanning

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